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Creative Entrepreneur HQ exists to help you create an independent income from your creative passion. This is achieved through our blog posts, newsletters, as well as our training and coaching programs. We dig deep into the following areas to assist you in reaching your goals:


It has often been said that business and art don’t go together but embracing the connection will help you on your journey to earning an independent income.

Few skills are as valued as creativity in business because creativity creates opportunity.

So, don’t shut your creativity off when approaching the business side of things. Use it to your advantage.

At Creative Entrepreneur HQ, we don’t shy away from business related topics, and we constantly look for creative ways to marry creativity with business to create new possibilities and expanded outcomes.


The best painter in the world would be unknown if they didn’t network or promote their work. This was the essence of Vincent van Gogh’s story. His work was later recognized for its brilliance, but he wasn’t appreciated much during his lifetime.

Marketing your art is crucial to you earning an independent income from your passion.

At Creative Entrepreneur HQ, we explore marketing from every angle. It’s not just about the trends of the day or using TikTok to get in front of an audience. It’s about telling your story and figuring out how you can best serve your audience.


Author, public speaker, and life coach Tony Robbins is famous for saying:

Success is made up of 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.

What does that mean? It means your success hinges more on how you think (your mindset) than what you do (the exact steps you take to get there).

At Creative Entrepreneur HQ, we help artists adopt a stronger mindset, so they can weather the storms of life, and find fulfillment in their pursuit of passion.


Fact: The average person, in an average job, will make $2.7 million in their lifetime. Many creatives say they could live the rest of their life off $1 million.

And yet, because their relationship with money is so poor, they can’t find a way to save enough for retirement.

Simple math shows that if you could save 10% of $2.7 million, you’d have $270,000 to retire on – not too shabby!

For most, it’s not a matter of not making enough money. First and foremost, it’s about learning how to be a better manager of your resources

At Creative Entrepreneur HQ, we tackle everything from psychology and mindset around money to specific strategies and models you can use to make, manage, and grow your independent income.